Joe Bell, Tampa- St Petersburg mortgage broker, Innovative Mortgage Services, offers a variety of commercial mortgage programs with up to 30 year amortization for terms up to 25 years, although our most popular programs are 5 to 10 year terms with low, affordable rates.

All loan requests begin with an executive summary telling who you are, what you do and/or what type of property is involved, how much funding is needed and an exit strategy. Please include personal financial statement (PFS), 3 years tax returns, photos of property, and recent balance sheet and P&L, rent rolls, leases, etc. Low doc programs are available for those with lack of documentation and/or credit issues. Every situation is different and it is important that we have complete information to prepare your loan request and documents for submission. if you do not qualify for traditional financing, we have asset based Hard money loans up to 65% LTV. Please call Joe Bell, Tampa-St. Petersburg mortgage broker (727) 527-1454 to discuss your scenario.

Currently, our preferred properties are:

Offices, Warehouses, Industrial Facilities, Multi-unit (5+) residential, Strip retail, especially with National/Regional anchors, Stand-alone retail and Resort-style mobile home parks where the resident owns the mobile home.
We also offer up to 125% mortgage financing for medical and dental offices.

Our general underwriting requirements are:

Business usually has to be in existence for three or more years and show profitability for the second and third years.

Owners usually must have credit scores of 650 and better.

Business and owners usually must have no records of bankruptcy, foreclosures and/or short-sells.

Owners usually must have good liquidity (unrestricted deposit accounts, brokerage accounts). General rule is at least 10% of their net worth should be cash.

Every loan is custom fitted to your needs, so don't hesitate to call Joe Bell, Florida commercial mortgage broker at (727) 527-1454 for 24 hour loan pre-approval.

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