Hard money loans are for borrowers who do not qualify for conventional or government financing, and are intended for temporary financing with an exit strategy to sell or refinance within 3 to 5 years. We can usually close in 7 - 14 days, depending on investor and geographical area. Investor guidelines vary. Programs are available for both purchase and refinance.

While there is usually no minimum credit score required to qualify, borrowers usually must have at least 30 - 35% equity in their home to be eligible. Purchases require a minimum 30-35% down payment. The terms are normally double digit interest rates  along with financed origination fees from 4% and up. We have various investors for these programs and their guidelines very per investor.

In most cases, full appraisals are not required, however inspections are normally made by the investor. Please call us (888) 856-3235 for more program information and prequalification.

You can apply online at www.joebellmortgage.com/loanapplication

and be preapproved within 24 hours.



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